What Does a Counselor Do?

*Please understand that school counselors can only offer so much support within the school setting.  Typically, school counseling is provided less frequently and is less intense than counseling provided by a therapist or counselor outside of the school system/setting.  Please contact me if you need assistance locating a counselor or other mental health care provider for your child.  I have many resources to share with you!

Counselors are the staff members in the school advocating for kids.
ffers a safe place to talk about problems or concerns.

nderstanding and sharing knowledge to help students be the 
best he/she can be!
ever too busy... will always make time to meet with concerned s
S miling is what I do! 
E veryone is my friend!  A friend is nice and helps you do what is right.
L istening is one of my best skills. 
ffers help to all students, teachers, and parents in need.
esponsibility and other character traits are important for learning.

(Adapted from Gary D. Smith)

Other Services Provided:
1.  Assist students with their personal, emotional, social, and academic growth.
2.  Works with students on an individual basis and in small group settings.
3.  Teaches classroom developmental guidance lessons on understanding feelings, friendship, conflict resolution, rumors & gossip, and acceptance of others.  Each year lessons are tailored to the needs of individual classrooms and at teacher and/or parent request. 
4.  Collaborates daily with teachers, parents, and other professionals to best meet student needs.
5.  Coordinator of Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) committee and the 504 accommodation plan committee.
6.  Acts as NJSLA (New Jersey Student Learning Assessment) Testing Building Coordinator
7.  Acts as Anti-Bullying Specialist along with our principal, Mr. Ormsby