Counseling Links

Perform Care:  NJ's Mental Health one-point access system of care for children.  
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Care Solace
Mental Health Support Service
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The following links may be helpful to you as you navigate through childhood with your children.
  1. Committee for children:
  2. National Autism Center:
  3. Attention Deficit Disorder Association:
  4. Bipolar significant Others:
  5. Conduct disorder information:
  6. Children and Adults with ADD/ADHD:
  7. Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation:
  8. National Alliance on Mental Illness:
  9. Directory for housing, social services and resources in Burlington County:
  10. Order free U.S. Department of Education Publications:
  11. Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD):
  12. Samaritan Center for Grief Support:
  13. A Pediatrician's guide to your children's health and safety: